Beautiful Monday

Monday mornings at my house are usually cranky and chaotic.  I almost always wake up, look around, and realize that the fun of the weekend has left a disastrous mess to deal with on Monday.  Our family then struggles through the mess to try and find what we need to start the work/school week, and inevitably leaves some (all) of us in a less than positive mood.  Lately, the Holy Spirit has been trying to show me the beauty He has for me in the midst of the chaos.  SO, from now on, Mondays will be dedicated to finding the beautiful things in our midst and reminding us of the great love our Creator has for us when we are willing to look at it.

Today’s reminder of beauty came in the form of a podcast. This podcast from Tim Keller, explains the creation story and the song God sings over us in a way I’ve never thought about.  If you have 30min (in the car, doing chores, exercising, etc) check it out at:

iTunes: The Song of Creation by Tim Keller

The Song of Creation by Tim Keller


What is beautiful about your day or past week?  Words spoken, words read, music, something you saw?



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